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Re: Ronald Bilius Weasley: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by dweaselqueen View Post
4. What did you think of Ron's confrontation with his worst fears when he destroyed the locket horcrux? Do you think this helped him move past them?

That was the most awesome scene in the book for me. It was very emotional, dramatic, and full of symbolism. I don't think it helped him move past his fears, he effectively destroyed them. Those fears were gone, and Ron came out a better and more confident person. I was so proud in that scene, I was crying, just knowing that Ron had finally overcome everything. He may have been the last to reach adulthood, but he did it with the most style.
I agree! The Horcrux scene was absolutely amazing. The Horcrux, Hogwarts Battle, and Snape's Tale will probably go down as some of my favorite chapters in the series.


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