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Re: Fred & George Weasley: Character Analysis

4. What do you think of the twins decision to join the Order and the fight at Hogwarts? Did they consider the consequences of their actions or were they acting rashly? Do you think George's loss of an ear made them understand the danger more than they did before?

I think they already knew the dangers, but they wanted to help, to be apart of making the wizard world a Voldemort- free place once again, and to protect all the people they love. They were true, brave Gryffindors, they would have fought, despite the consequences. They knew what they were getting themselves into .

5. How do you think George will cope with the loss of Fred? Will he continue the joke shop without his twin?

I always thought he wouldn't cope so well, at least not at first and that he would be somewhat unwilling to laugh. His first joke without his brother would have been a step towards moving on as much as possible. Losing a person you love is bad enough, but they were twins, so close, inseperable, and living without Fred would have been so hard.
He would have all his family with him though and I think he would have got through it.

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