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Re: Arthur Weasley: Character Analysis

I would think that Arthur was more of a father figure to Harry because of the fact that he was the most like a father out of all Harry's father figures. I think that about the time Sirius escaped from Azkaban, Arthur felt a moral obligation to fill the role of father to Harry. Harry had no parents and his relatives were cruel to him, to say the least. He really reached out to Harry and looked after Harry's well-being to the best of his ability. Sirius always thought of Harry as the second coming of James, and really couldn't see past that. Remus was more mature than Sirius was, but the fact remains that Harry saw him so infrequently that he couldn't really count him as a father figure. A mentor of sorts, perhaps, but Arthur was the one that best filled the vacancy. Remember also the Weasleys were the family Harry always wished he had, and the fact that Arthur was the patriarch would naturally push him into the role of surrogate father. While Harry (or even Dumbledore) may not have realized it, Arthur was the closest thing Harry really had to his father.

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