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Re: Sirius Black: Character Analysis v.5

Originally Posted by RegulusBlackFan View Post
I think that Sirius along with James has quite a wierd streak in his character. His beliefs changed from pure blood supremacist to anti-pure blood supremesist in a matter of minutes of meeting James.
Why do you think this, though? I was under the impression that Sirius always had a hatred for his family's beliefs. I understand that when they met they were probably trying to make friends etc, but I don't understand why someone would just *clicks fingers* switch their own beliefs for a total stranger? Maybe weaker person, like Pettigrew, would do something like that to gain popularity, or whatever, but Sirius strikes me as a person who would make up their own mind about things. I really think that Sirius went to Hogwarts wanting to be in any other house but Slytherin. He says to James that he was hoping to break that tradition. So... In conclusion, I don't think his beliefs changed in that moment on the train. I think he always hated the way his parents viewed 'blood-status'...

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