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Re: Hardest scene to watch

Originally Posted by teo View Post
That was mine as well - it was not only completely out of place, but also seemed out of character. Harry in the books is not someone who would randomly hit on some waitress in a restaurant.
Hmm.. I never saw it as that, Harry hitting on her. I actually quite like this scene. It gave Harry a sense of normality, of a bit of escape from Voldemort and Death Eaters and all of the drama that was revolving around him.

I saw Harry kinda surprised that he has a chance with the girl.

The waitress mentions the pictures in the newspaper moving. Then she asks "who is Harry Potter?"

Harry answers "kinda a tosser, really..." which I could see Harry saying. To deflect the attention, but also, let's face it, he is interested in her but also, not exactly confident and comfortable.

Then, though not exactly confident and secure, starts to ask her, shy, insecure, not sure, etc...for a date or something, she says "I get off at 11:00" before Harry even has a chance to ask.

I don't see Harry hitting on her at all. I see Harry interested, but typically reserved and unsure, nervous, and the waitress basically implies "I know you are interested, I'm interested, let's get out of here."

BTW, loved her hair (coming from someone with long, straight yet FLAT hair.....)


Bring it.

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