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Re: Hardest scene to watch

In terms of emotional hard to watch, I'll mimic what the others say and say the whole cave scene. Michael Gambon did a wonderful job as Dumbledore. It was just so heart-wrenching. It's how I imagined it in the book. Although it didn't have the funeral scene, I thought that the death of Dumbledore, and the students and staff raising their wands alight, was still sad.
And Hermione's heart-break about Ron/Lavender. It was just so sad, and just seeing her so sad made me go "Awww..." the whole time. hahaha

As for scenes that were hard to watch because I didn't like them, it was any scene the Harry/Ginny kiss scene. It was just so uncomfortable to watch it. Frankly, any scene with Ginny was unpleasant for me to watch. but that's just me.
And the Burrow on fire scene. Yes, it was exciting, intense, and heart-pumping, but I just couldn't get it out of my mind that it wasn't in the book and was completely unnecessary. It didn't really add anything into the plot or the movie, and both my friend and I, after the scene, were like, "What?"

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