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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by Jonny7003 View Post
Well, regards to your ''AND I still don't know how is Harry going to figure everything out for himself", apparently the filmmakers are gonna alter the plot for it to be a little easier to follow. They said that the Seventh movie had an effect on the way the Sixth film was written. I trust Kloves, Yates, Heyman and the rest. They know what they're doing.
I agree as well. Whenever someone point out the lack of horcrux information, I point out the fact that the seventh book was out, and they did say that the seventh book affected the sixth film, so they must have some sort of plan to introduce it in DH.

They did have excellent forshadowing in the sixth film. Examples include the pictue of Regulus, the trio finding Ollivander missing, and Dumbledore being disarmed. It remains my favorite film in the series, though that'll probably change when the DH movies come out!

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