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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by deluminated View Post
I don't like the bit with the girl in the railway cafe where Harry seems interested in her but then is gazing at Ginny in the window and hugging her slowly when he arrives at The Burrow. I can't take his feelings seriously here. Also, just a little anxious pause when Ginny and Dean are in the Three Broomsticks, to register that a girl he likes is kissing someone else. It would have set up his kiss with Ginny better.
Honestly, I couldn't take any scenes with Harry and Ginny seriously. It felt like brother and sister scenes, I actually cringed when they kissed. I do wish they had set up Harry's feelings for Ginny more but I think that no matter what it wouldn't have turned out right. They just don't have chemistry, and I feel the girl who plays Ginny is a poor actress.


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