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Re: HBP: Hardest scene to watch

Originally Posted by chinofjim View Post
They could have done a straight book to screen job and your advertising campaign would have gone: "Shock and awe as you relive memories of Ministry of Magic bureaucrat running errands at dodgy gene addled family; Thrill as Tonks does nothing but mope around with mousy hair; and thrill to the scenes of Harry wondering up and down the 7th floor corridor trying to open a door"
Well, of course I don't expect a straight book-to-screen adaptation. I don't object to alterations from text to screen, because that's a necessary step in turning a book into a movie. I'm saying the liberties they took with the story felt so odd and out-of-place that it didn't even feel like a Harry Potter movie anymore.

I felt they failed to capture Jo's tone. The whole movie from start to finish is drab and murky and depressing, whereas the book is mysterious and suspenseful and even lighthearted at times. I mean, sure, Voldemort's active again and Diagon Alley is boarded up, but the book didn't wallow in misery to portray it. Everything in this movie looks depressing - that ugly yellowish green filter on everything, rooms are poorly lit, the sky is almost always overcast during outdoor scenes, hell, even the Quidditch game takes place during a snowstorm. It makes the viewer (or at least me, anyway) feel claustrophobic and helpless. I feel like that feeling shouldn't kick in until Dumbledore's death. It's like Hagrid said in GoF - as long as Dumbledore's around, there's not much reason to worry. When Dumbledore dies, that feeling of security gets kicked out from under everyone, and that's when the tide seemingly turns in Voldemort's favor. It's mood whiplash, and it gives us a downer ending, but it further enforces the severity of the situation, and I think it works better than having the entire story be depressing from start to finish...

...because that's OotP's job.

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