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Re: Questions about the Harry Potter Movies v.2

Originally Posted by ArryGrotter View Post
It was filmed for OotP, actually, Lily was cast and there have been images of Harry watching his teenage parents.
Yes, I know. I have all the stills.

By it I meant Sev calling Lily a mudblood, not the pensieve scene. It's too bad Yate's made that change; that's when the movies started going downhill for me. Harry being in so much of it really cut down on the footage they could use. Poor Alec Hopkins.

Originally Posted by chinofjim View Post
ah yes, I remember now. Harry pulls a legimency on Snape in the movie OOtP, which is how he accesses SWM. I thought at the time that was quite a cool adaptation but I guess it created problems down the line in the movie adaptations.

I wouldn't say excluding the "Mudblood" insult totally white-washes Snape's relationship with Lily but it certainly does alter the context and removes a lot of the depth and layers to the scenario and Snape's subsequent actions in helping to protect Harry
Is there any need to whitewash Sev's relationship with Lily in the movies? Without any re-watching of TPT, as I recall they're friends as little kids, separated at Hogwarts by house affiliation, Sev's bullied by two unidentified kids (JP & SB), and when they grow up she's married to James and he's a DE. In fact, it's kind of hard to understand why it's still 'Always' for Snape . . .



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