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Re: HBP: Hardest scene to watch

Hardest to watch in the sense of awkwardnes: definitely the Harry and Ginny scenes. There is zero chemistry going on, and god, Harry can tie his own shoelaces! Furthermore it's way out of character: Ginny in the book would have a good laugh when Harry falls over his laces. And don't get me started about the kiss.

The waitress scene in the beginning + Dumbledore's reaction. It is a nice add, but it makes no sense and is out of character as well. Dumbledore with the Dursleys would've been much better.

The burning of the Burrow and Molly just standing there. Again: out of character.

Because they are sad, but excellent: Dumbledore being forced to drink the potion, it was such a horrific scene in the book and it was very well translated on screen. + his death and the lighting of the wands, it always makes me teary. The greatest wizard of all time, falling spread-eagled from the Austronomy Tower.
Harry telling Hermione how 'it' feels. (More because of Emma's performance cause it's hard to believe that Harry's head over heels for Ginny.)

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