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Re: Nagini: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by mexicant View Post
I think she may have been referring to Harry speaking to "Bathilda" outside the home when she meets Harry and Hermione in the lane. I could be wrong, though.
I guess she must really understand English due to some sort of spell in that particular case. Or she was told by Voldemort just to nod at anything Harry said when they met for the first time (this sounds unbelievable I know) to assure Harry that everything was alright.

I agree that something may have been done about her size, otherwise she was not native to Europe. The largest and most poisonous snakes I can find as belonging to Albania only grow to a little over three feet or one meter. Perhaps she had just been accidentally released there?
Possible but still I always thought she was very large in size, the longest poisonous snake in the world is the King Cobra 18.5 ft (5.7 m). Maybe JKR didn't have a real life snake in mind and was Nagini a complete magical creation of Voldemort, could that be possible?


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