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Re: Will The Movies Be Remade Years From Now?

=Wab;5958411]Tell that to my agent.
Your agent isn't responsible for what you write. That sounds harsher than I mean, I know it can be hard to get what you want to say down on paper, but it's a sad truth that it's hard to get published. I started in trade magazines, I finished there as well.

But your premise was that scripts don't start without funding these didn't. In fact, Life of Brian was unfunded at the start of writing and then was about to shoot when EMI pulled the plug.

It was only that George Harrison was willing to mortgage his house that it got made at all.
See, they got backing. It would seem that they started it under the impression that they had backing to begin with. Probably because the Holy Grail was fairly successful. 1979, there was a bad recession then, maybe EMI ran out of the cash. And we really ought to leave this here. We are well off topic, Owl me if you want to continue.

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