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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

I do love this film and there are only minor things that niggle me, mainly to do with the relationships/friendships.
When Hermione tells Ron she was going to ask him to Slughorn's party, I would have prefered their interaction to have been more like the book, with Ron being quiet and honest rather than stroppy.
I don't like the bit with the girl in the railway cafe where Harry seems interested in her but then is gazing at Ginny in the window and hugging her slowly when he arrives at The Burrow. I can't take his feelings seriously here. Also, just a little anxious pause when Ginny and Dean are in the Three Broomsticks, to register that a girl he likes is kissing someone else. It would have set up his kiss with Ginny better.
At the end, I really wanted Ron with Harry and Hermione in a more solid and team like way, although this may be setting up things for the conflict in DH part 1.
I am holding on the judgement reagrding the horcrux memories until I have seen the DH films although I do have concerns and questions about how they are going to do it well.

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