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Lily sat alone in the room she was sharing together with her sister, packing Christmas gifts she had purchased. A rather expensive, pretty green scarf for mum (“It’ll look great in contrast to her red hair”, she thought), a bottle of men’s perfumes for her dad and a nice ones for Petunia ( “I did them myself, haha, I wonder what they’ll say”), a group picture with Sirius given to her by Frank with a book about the newest spells which should make you prettier for Terra (“I hope she won’t set her face on fire!”), a book about the greatest remedial potions and sweets (“Angie could kill to get more candies”, she grinned). Lily also bought a gift for Snape (“It will be nice for him to get something for Christmas... I’m afraid he can get a hit by a whisky bottle at his head as a Christmas gift”, she thought sadly). This present was a newest hot hit: a book about how to transfigure people into animals, step by step (“I hope he won’t do himself any harm”). She asked her little owl, Clemence, to deliver these gifts one-by-one.
“Packing presents for your freaky friends?”, Petunia’s horse-face looked even uglier with her malicious face expression, but Lily was patient to her.
“Petunia, can we talk for a while?”, she asked gently.
“If you like... What?”, Lily’s sister looked at her suspiciously
“Tunia, listen to me... It’s not like you think. Our parents do love you and appreciate you and your skills, I just know that. It’s just-“
“Maybe they do”, Petunia broke the monologue angrily, “But they’d prefer me to be like you, a pretty, talented witch. I’m not and-“
“Do listen to me, please! The school I learn at is different than yours, that’s right. We learn different subjects, we practise different things, but believe me, girls and boys who go to this school are the same like you, they only can do other things... You can do maths, biology and do on and I can do magic. I can’t do a lot of things you learn at St Maria’s and you can’t do things I learn at Hogwarts. Mum and Dad let me invite a boy who studies at Hogwarts too. You know him. It’s Severus Snape, he lives at the end of our street. I’ll be very glad if you meet him, I know you’ve been omitting him for all these years. You’ll see he’s a normal, mentally healthy boy -you apparently think that I’m mental”
“Yeah”, Petunia hissed, “You can’t do maths at all, can you? Liar! You’d been learning it before! And I can’t do magic at all, I can’t learn it, that’s why parents prefer you, not me! Prettier, better educated, getting a knowledge you can use in a real life. Forgive me, Lily, I’ve been pretending everything’s all right for so long... I’ve decided to stop pretending to you. And I don’t want to meet this ugly spidery Severus, you won’t force me!”, she spat and left the room, leaving Lily very, very sad and feeling guilty.
When Lily went to church on the Boxing Day and then came back to the house, Petunia wasn’t there. Mum said that she went to visit her friend Clara, who lived at the other side of the town. Lily unpacked gifts from people who loved or apparently liked her or even gave her the present because they knew that the custom forces them to (“Petunia”, Lily sighed). She was surprised that she got a gift from James Potter (“And I’m so mean to him! I haven’t sent him any gifts”, she blushed). It was a beautiful dark green, shiny clasp made of lots of jewels. Lily read the note inside of the little pack for a fifteenth time:
For the prettiest and nicest girl at Hogwarts, even if she’s often mean to me. I hope that some day you’ll be mine.
“What did he mean by that? He wants to wait for me till the end of his life?”, she asked herself, “I bet he won’t change, he’s so conceited as if it was in his blood. The clasp is cute, though”.
Then she looked at the gift from Severus. Yeah, he gave her something too! It was a navy-blue quill.
Every time you need me, take this quill in your hands and write “Snivelly”. I’ve bewitched it, I’ll know you call me. You’ll get an answer back,
Severus Snape.
“Interesting...”, she was thinking, “And also practical when you have this man who calls himself Lord Voldemort and his friends who are called the Death Eaters. I’m afraid that all this conversation in the train compartment could be about Bellatrix’s and company attempts to make acquaintances with them. That’s unbelievable! How can you be interested in this stuff, how can you want to become the Death Eater? To murder innocent people? And why Severus’s so interested in the Dark Arts? Does he say the truth, that he has a choice to use the knowledge against the others or not?”, she sighed and continued thinking:
“I can quite understand him, being interested in such things as he has such a family! It looks as if he had to defend himself of his father... Has he ever used the Dark Magic to harm somebody? Take James or Sirius or the other two. They hex everybody who stands in their way, even if there’s no really serious reason. Is Severus with his passion for the Dark Arts a bad boy and James, Peter and Sirius good because I haven’t seen them using dark spells? But they hex others far more often!”
Lily had a headache, so she curled herself in her bed, dreaming about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named wanting to kill her and about her writing quickly the word “Snivelly” on a piece of parchment. She heard cries, and somebody was laughing, somebody was pleading, then Petunia came into the room Lily was in and started laughing madly, crying: “I told you that you were a freak! You have what you’ve deserved!”
It wasn’t a nice dream, not at all.

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