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Re: The new Doctor Who v.5 (spoilers up to series 4 and specials and now series 5!)

All I have to say is I <3 Mullets. XD

Originally Posted by Liselle View Post
I hate that there's a pattern with the Doctors and Companions. A girl of X age with boyfriend/significant others issue. Girl believes she's the Doctor's one confidant and that she is different and she is special. She will buck trends of everyone who's gone before. It really is getting tedious.
Can I get a "hear, hear!"

Yeah, it seems the Doctor likes Rory more, but it'd be SO much better if Amy didn't like the Doctor so much. I was hoping it would be more of a father-daughter thing, but it seems pretty clear it's going down the same ol' path. If Rory sticks around for the rest of the series, that would be a LOT better.

Spoiler: show
I thought the dream lord thingy was interesting. The explanation sat with me just fine, though, but it could have been a little longer. That is to say, at least until the end where you see the dream lord's reflection in the console thingamy and it makes you wonder what's going on. Seems like they meant it to be clever but it'll turn out to be a loose end, but that's fairly typical of DW anyway.

I didn't hate it, but it wasn't my favourite. I'm glad they sorted out to kill themselves in both dreams, because that helped it to make more sense. I'm sad Rory cut off his pony tail. D:

Additionally, I thought the cold star was a little silly. The temperature in space is close enough to 0 Kelvin that they'd have frozen to death with or without one. :P

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