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Re: The new Doctor Who v.5 (spoilers up to series 4 and specials and now series 5!)

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
Spoiler: show
River Song is in the finale.

Here's a list that's to do with episodes 12 and 13.
Spoiler: show
A list of foes the Doctor may well face -
* Daleks
* Cybermen
* Sontarans
* Autons
* Sycorax
* Pilot Fish
* Hoix
* Weevils
* Judoon
* Silurians
* (Possible) Ogrons.

Pandorica ? Might be related to the myth of Pandora's box.
Spoiler: show
All of them? Or just one or two? That could either be amazing, or horrible. But so far this season has been very, very good; so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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