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Re: What did Umbridge have against Harry in the first place???

Originally Posted by Hinoema View Post
Excellent question, and a good thread.

Umbridge was sent to Hogwarts for a reason. The Ministry didn't like the fact that Dumbledore was educating the students about the reality of Voldemort's return- they wanted to keep the idea under wraps. Therefore, they had to both remove Dumbledore and silence Harry.

Her entire goal was, I believe, to intimidate Harry into silence so he would not cause disgareement with the Ministry approved take on events.
She acts like a press secretary for the Ministry, she sees her job as promoting the official version of events, regardless of the truth. She is not above illegal methods to control events and people so that her party's "truths" will be the only ones heard. They were afraid that their "political party" would lose power and they would lose their hold on the government.
By controlling Hogwarts, she could control the beliefs of at least a small portion of the population. Some people will do all most anything to preserve their power base.


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