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Re: What did Umbridge have against Harry in the first place???

Originally Posted by Uriel View Post
As I recall Umbridge was on the MOM's side in not believing DD or Harry about Voldemort's return. They all were apart of the smear campaign that year. Until Voldemort entered the MOM for the prophecy. Then they had no other choice. What I don't understand is Percy's attitude. I understand that he wants to do well and all, but he knew Harry better than that. Why was he so against him with no appology?
I think Percy was blinded by the Ministry. He loved working for Fudge and wanted to do everything right. Even though he knew Harry well, he was blinded by his love for Fudge and authority. I think Percy was power-hungry and maybe thought that if he sided with Fudge, he coukld become Minister himself. That's my view on how things are with him.

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