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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

[response to deleted post removed - off topic]
Anyway, the news about Dumbledore doesn't change my opinion of his character, I still love him, although I'm a bit annoyed that a fanfic I wrote about him being young and in love with a young lady is now irrelevant (actually the whole of DH did that to my story!).
I think he is someone who made mistakes in his youth as everyone does, but he paid a rather bigger price than most people, ie. the loss of his sister. But he grew up to be extremely wise and noble, and realises that love can be a good thing - that of Snape for Lily making him redeem his death eater ways.
When I read that bit from Rita about his relationship with Harry being unhealthy, I knew what she was getting at; but I do not see it in that way whatsoever.


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