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Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Fawkesfan1 View Post
I hope that things don't get too overly zombie focused series wise. I like to keep things balanced there between that element and the human one.
It's the marriage of these two factors which holds my interest. Zombies aren't usually my cup of tea, but the overall scenario fascinates me too much to miss out. I hope that we do find out the origins of the virus and aren't just given unanswered question upon unanswered question.

Glenn and Dale are my favourite characters so far, I think. Andrew Lincoln always gives a great performance, too. I've only ever seen him with his English accent, though, so I'm interested to know how successful his American one is considered to be?

Also, can anyone tell me whether or not Daryl appears in the graphic novel? He isn't quite as horrible as Merle, IMO at least, so I'm interested to see where they take him. Can't wait for the final.

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