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Re: Downton Abbey

I thought it was a very exciting series two opener. Mary broke my heart with her little pale face! Matthew moving on is the saddest thing ever. And still, he looked more at her than at his fiancée. But how dare he ask Mary to look after her? These two are sooooo blind.

Daisy kissed William!

And Branson confessed his love! It was a long time coming. I'm glad she refused to answer though. Sybil is progressive in her thoughts and deeds but she's also an earl's daughter. She knows that she would lose everything if she agreed to marry an Irish socialist chauffeur. I don't think he quite understands what he was asking of her.

Poor Bates. Poor Anna. But I do love to see Maria Doyle Kennedy on the show, so a part of me hopes that Mrs Bates will remain in the picture for a while.

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