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Re: Downton Abbey

I just watched episode 3 from series 2 and now my Downton Abbey marathon is complete.

I was hooked immediately, because I'm a sucker for costume drama; and then Matthew came along and was all dazzling and noble and kind, and I think his love story with Mary is completely believable, as they're both intelligent and inquisitive, and each other's equals. Anna and Mr. Bates' story is another huge asset; I sighed pretty much at every scene involving them - from the very start I could see why she would fall for him, I think I would have, too.

However, as the series progressed, and especially since the start of the second series, it resembles a soap opera more than the thoughtful period drama I took it to be at the beginning. All of the plot points and obstacles now seem to exist merely to create interpersonal drama between the characters, when they also served to move the larger plot forward before. Storylines are picked up and left off when they've exhausted their dramatic potential. I think it's become too heavy on the sensationalist plot twists and too light on the actual development of each story.

And something that annoys me less, but it's still irritating at times: I wish they'd actually engage with the serious issues they play with or not touch them at all. If they're going to incorporate a point about the human toll of war, do it properly instead of just scratching the surface and leaving at a few lines about everyone having lost someone and how everyone's scared, but it's their duty anyway. I just feel it's mostly fluff where it could have been something really provoking, and it vexes me. I find the resolutions of some conflicts very naive and Disney-esque, and the pronouncements on some issues extremely superficial and idealistic.

I guess I'd just like a little more turmoil, given proper time to pan out, more attention to separate potlines and the issues resulting thereof. To me, it seems like there's too much waste of good ideas and plot points in the hurried way in which everything is brought up and then abandoned.

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