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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Not necessarily with the AK's. A well aimed Diffindo or a Reducto could do it too. A powerful Lumos for example could blind the opponent. In the 7 Potters, a simple stunning spell could kill the DE by making him fall from a great height and summoning his broom could hurt him badly too.
Yes, that's exactly my point. Jo was making a conscious effort to make any deaths caused by Order members ambigious and/or accidental. Its almost like PR spin.

I think it does not matter whether Snape is an Occlumens or not. It does not matter whether Snape heard the full Prophecy or not. It does not even matter whether Snape heard anything at all; the moment Snape was caught eavesdropping outside a first floor room (so he could not be there by chance) upon Dumbledore who was, during that period engaged in a terrible war, he should have been investigated.

And since Dumbledore at that time was hearing something very important, something that could very well end the war, if handled properly, the resultant investigation IMO should have been more thorough.
What was Dumbledore supposed to do in order to be thorough? There wasn't anything he could do other than questioning him. Dumbledore likely had a large amount of confidence in his ability to catch liars. The problem was that Snape was the one person who could fool Dumbledore. If Dumbledore didn't know Snape was an Occlumens, there was no reason at all for him to believe that he was being lied to.

Another question here was what Snape was doing there in the first place. Nobody could have predicted that Trelawney was going to make a prophecy at that time. According to Trelawney, Snape was also trying to get a job at that time. That is a far more believable reason for Snape being there. Dumbledore was hardly going to be telling his plans for Voldemort to a woman who was looking for a job.

Snape was also meant to take a job at Hogwarts by Voldemort so his background check would have come clean. Detaining someone indefinitely for potentially being in the wrong place at the wrong time without proof is *never* the right thing to do. That's the sort of stuff that happens in surveillance states.

Snape was a Slytherin at that time and with the view Slytherins were placed under, I can't believe that Dumbledore would not have suspected Snape to be DE or someone at the very least extremely suspicious for being caught at the time and place he was.

I think at that time Dumbledore either should have investigated Snape throughly or if he let Snape off (which was a massively wrong thing to do IMO) it should have been done with the understanding Snape heard everything, and that it was good news for his side to let Snape leave with what he heard.

I think that's how it should have worked. To let Snape go with what he heard, and assuming he heard nothing or believing whatever Snape said and took him at his word IMO disqualifies Dumbledore as a leader who fought Voldemort, because he clearly did not fight in any manner that mattered at all, and was floundering to say the least and was guilty of gross negligence that placed people working for him at tremendous risk at the worst.

But I believe Dumbledore did neither. He knew precisely what Snape heard and it was because Snape did not hear everything that he let Snape go, knowing that he would go straight to Voldemort.

He also followed that decision with giving Trelawney a job, so that Voldemort could not get to her for the rest of the Prophecy.
All this is based on the assumption that Dumbledore thought the prophecy incredibly important. It wasn't. Dumbledore didn't need a prophecy to beat Voldemort. There already existed someone with the "power to vanquish the Dark Lord": Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore was not going to wait 17+ years for a kid to grow up and kill Voldemort. He had no intention of even letting the prophecy play out.

The fact that Voldemort didn't hear the second part of the prophecy is also overblown. It was not going to stop Voldemort from trying to kill the boy. He was not going to hang back and wait for fear that he was going to "mark him as his equal". The knowledge that this kid would have a power that he did not, would only confirm his decision to act immediately. I imagine that Voldemort and Dumbledore predicted the child to be a mini-version of themselves - an outrageously talented and powerful kid who would be leagues ahead of his peers. There was no way Voldemort was going to wait around to kill someone, who apparently had a power that he did not, who was guaranteed to be tutored directly by Dumbledore.

Dumbledore did infact take into account the possibility that he was wrong when he let Snape go. That is why he offered Trelawney the job and I imagine he would have increased security for whoever was likely to be Voldemort's target. Even in the worst case scenario of Snape hearing everything and telling Voldemort, it would only mean that one extra person was going to be a target. It could be argued that the kid was going to be at risk anyway since his parents were already targets. From Dumbledore's point of view, it did not make much difference. Whatever protection the parents got, the child was also going to get.

I think the importance he gave to the prophecy would have been similar to the importance he gave to Trelawney's second prophecy. He didn't seem bothered at all about Peter's life being spared even though the prophecy said that it would result in Voldemort returning stronger.

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