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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

Originally Posted by wolfbrother View Post
Both Legilimency and Veritaserum can be countered. If the WW had a fool-proof way of getting the truth out of someone, they'd have no problems putting the right person in prison. There was nothing Dumbledore could do to prove that Snape was with Voldemort. He could have tried to torture the truth out of Snape but even that is not reliable. Even in the real world, competent spies don't get caught by failing lie detector tests or being intimidated in some way. They get put under heavy surveillance and are caught in the act at a later date.
That's IMO no reason not to try. There are always going to be people who beat the system. But that does not mean one does away with the system or stops enforcing it. Severus Snape was at that time all of 20 years give or take a few months. I think Dumbeldore had the edge on him.

Except he couldn't know at the time. He had to weigh the odds and make a decision. This was not the first or last decision that Dumbledore made without being completely sure. Very rarely do situations present themselves where you have perfect information in order to make the optimal choice.
I agree. My point is that in cases like this, it's better to err on the side of caution than anything else. Of course I think Snape was sent off with what he heard, with Dumbledore's blessing as it were.

The Order of the Phoenix was a voluntary organization. Dumbledore did not force anyone to join and would not stop anyone from leaving. Every member would have known the risks when they signed up. If they had a problem with the way Dumbledore was dealing with things, they were quite free to leave or set up their own resistance organization.
Sure it's a voluntary organisation and I also agree that members knew the risks they were taking when they signed up. But that does not mean incompetence could do them in. I don't think any Order memebr signed up for that. Dumbledore sending Snape away merely on his word in the middle of a war would come under negligence whichever way I look at it, unless he had a plan for doing so.

Also the fact that the Order of Phoenix was under so much pressure was not because Dumbledore was making mistakes or Voldemort was outwitting him. The Order had a spy in their midst, were outnumbered and had been fighting a long war.
Another place Dumbeldore would agree he failed in a big way IMO. Who knows what lives were lost because of Peter and I believe that would have sat heavily on Dumbeldore's mind.

Snape would have already been very good given that he was supposed to fool Dumbledore and it wasn't very long after that that he became a double agent. Snape's cover was not going to be blown by Dumbledore.
Assuming what you say is true and Snape was good enough an Occlumens, I think this should make Dumbledore more suspicious than satisfied all was well and that Snape could go on his way. An Occlumens at 20, who was caught eavesdropping IMO should never be believed.

Ok, lets assume that this is what happened. What is Dumbledore's plan here? Somehow "let" Voldemort get to the chosen boy?
I think Dumbledore thought he could protect the family and while Voldemort was concentrating on somehow trying to get at that family, the WW could get a breather, while Dumbledore tried his best to defeat Voldemort. Just like when he created time for the Trio to search horcruxes, when Voldemort was occupied with the search for the Elder Wand.

Additionally, I don't think James and Lily would have taken it well at all if they learnt that Dumbledore deliberately set their child up as a target. If this is what happened or even partially true, then the Potters were entirely validated in picking someone else as Secret Keeper.
The Potters could have chosen anyone, I think the way they went about it ensured there was a greater chance they would not survive.

The man who, in my opinion, won the war against Voldemort for Harry Potter and the Light! Severus Snape!

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