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Lily was feeling very sorry for him. She was still sitting in the classroom, thinking about what she saw three years ago, when her mother asked her to go to the Snapes, who lived at the end of the Spinner’s End, to gave his mother, Eileen, one kilo of sugar she borrowed. Lily had never been there before, but she knew the dark-haired, skinny boy of hers for a long time. It wasn’t a close friendship, no. It seemed that Severus had never allowed nobody to get closer to him. She hadn’t even tried, she had some good friends who were funny and loved to play outside: to play, not to sit in the corner of the playground as Severus had used to do.
Lily saw this incident in summer. It was quite late in the evening, it was getting dark, but it wasn’t a full darkness. She went to the Snapes house, which looked sad and a bit poor, many herbs growing wildly around it, so different than the house she lived... Her house was surrounded by a garden with various kinds of flowers, painted yellow. Her family wasn’t rich, but it wasn’t poor either. She had a happy childhood, she was loved by both parents of hers, and by her sister too.
“Petunia”, Lily thought, “She’s changed her attitude towards me when she learnt that I was a witch and she didn’t have this gift”.
Lily knocked at the dark, scratched door. Nobody opened. You could see the dim light throughout the curtains. She knocked once again and finally somebody came to the door.
There he stood: a black-haired man with hooked, long nose, keeping the bottle of whisky in his right hand.
“What do you want?”, he barked and hiccupped, “Who are you?”
“I’m Lily Evans”, she introduced herself, “I’m a neighbour of yours. We live in the same street. I’ve brought something for Mrs Eileen from my mother”, she explained and looked terrified at Mr Snape. He became furious and yelled out loud, spitting at her:
“You’ve brought something for that rag? What can it be? Let me guess: a death potion??? Maybe she’d finally die!!! You, witches! Or maybe it’s something for me??? Something prepared to finish me off!!!” he was yelling, standing still in the porch, then held the door handle as if he had too weak legs to stand on. “Go away, go!!! She won’t get anything, that twisted, ugly...”
“Are you Lily?”, a voice could be heart suddenly.
Lily saw a tired, sleepy looking woman, standing behind Mr Snape. She was wearing untidy, old clothes and was smelling unpleasantly, as not bathed for a week or two, “You have something for me?”
“Go away, you rag, did you hear me? Go away at once!!!”, her husband yelled and aimed the bottle of whisky he was still keeping in his hand at her, “Now!!!”
The poor, tired-looking woman looked as if she shrunk. She curled up and moved back. Lily was watching all this scene shocked. Out of a sudden she saw Severus Snape who approached the door, asking loudly: “Mum, what’s...” and paused. His father aimed the bottle at him.
He saw Lily and blushed, a huge ugly blush covered his pale cheeks. She wasn’t sure but his eyes were gleaming... were there tears? She felt he wished the earth would swallow him. She said quietly:
“I’d better go”, and put the packet of sugar in front of the door. She heard the door slamming as she turned away.
Lily couldn’t believe what she’d just seen. She hadn’t known Snape so well to tell if he’d had loving parents but what she’d just saw shook her. She was talking to her mum about the Snapes family that night. Her mum knew that Mr Snape was a fisherman, a Muggle and his mother was a witch. Snape’s mother had never complained about her husband.
In fact, she was always saying that Tobias was a good husband. “Maybe he drinks alcohol from time to time, but who of the fishermen doesn’t?”, she said, “I’ll talk to Eileen about the incident when we meet”, she promised.
Lily’s mum kept her promise. When they met in the shop, she asked Eileen to sit on a bench and chat for a while. Eileen was looking glad to have an excuse to talk to her, but when the mum reminded her about the accident, Eileen said:
“No, Octavia, don’t worry, really. Tobias is a good man: he was drunk that night but he only threatens and nothing else. He cares for us, he loves us. Don’t think too much about it”, she clapped Octavia’s hand and went away.
Lily’s mum felt not at all eased, but what else she could do? Apparently Eileen didn’t have such a big problem or maybe didn’t want to admit it and Octavia didn’t like being too nosy. She told Lily about the results of the talking.
Lily felt that it wasn’t fair to treat the family like that, even if it really was a single accident. But soon she reminded about Severus’s bruises she saw once when he was playing with them in “hide-and-seek” as a kid and his T-shirt caught on a fence. Where the bruises come from?
All this Lily reminded, sitting alone in the deserted classroom. She breathed in the classroom air: it was still filled with the nauseating smell of the potion they had both just made... She was feeling as if he was still there, she almost felt Severus’s hand on hers. How cruel life was for him, for his mother... What Snape said about his unwillingness to come back home made her sure that he and his mum were both abused. She had never felt such a strong sympathy towards this odd boy before. “It isn’t only sympathy, girl, be honest!”, a voice in her head started talking again, “It’s more... You liked the feeling when he was touching your hand... Just think what you would be able to feel if he kissed you...”
Lily knew she was this kind of a girl who didn’t necessarily need a handsome boy. She was different than most of girls in her age. The guy she could fall in love with should be “handsome” inside. Having had a crush on Potter... she liked the boy because he was funny. “Now he thinks he’s funny, it’s a difference” the voice continued, “Severus is a boy who you feel sorry for, who you like and who you... want to kiss”.
“Shut up! It’s all his dark, misunderstood boy image!”, said Lily loudly and went out of the classroom.

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