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Re: Does Harry love the Dursleys?

When Petunia took Harry in, I don't think she loved him. Love would be rather a strong word in this case. But she did feel some sort of affection towards him, since he is after all her dead sister's son. I don't think she hated Lily as much as she says she does. The same with Harry. She did provide Harry a home (though not very warm), food, and by this sealed the charm Lily did when she sacrificed herself for Harry.

The same with Harry: I don't think he really loves them, and neither do I think he loathes them. He did save Dudley from the Dementors; he did feel a rush of gratitude that Petunia was his mother's sister and understood things about the magical world. But he doesn't love them. He feels sort of committed to them, the way Petunia probably felt when she took him in.

The Dursleys made sure to torment Harry's life, and leaving the Dursleys may be a very happy experience for Harry. Yet, I see your point. He does have some sort of feeling towards the Dursleys.

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