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Re: ABC Family's Version Of HP and the SS

Originally Posted by CrazyMuggle View Post
If you're referring to the extended cuts, they will be the same both on DVD and blu-ray. However the blu-ray has a bit more extras (including a film-length video commentary by the director.)
Okay. Thanks! Have been thinking of going Blu-Ray, but can't quite decide.

Originally Posted by Jack5555 View Post
I think the most important deleted scene that was added back in was when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were talking about the death of Crouch. When I first saw the movie, I was like "Why did Harry just prance up to Dumbledore's office and not say a word about Crouch?" Then I realized that you can hear Dumbledore say "a man has died". I could hardly hear it! Having the scene back really helps the movie. You hear Ron specifically mention Crouch is dead, and Hermione says you should go to Dumbledore, so it makes sense why he randomly goes there.
I thought the same thing on that scene! It really helped to bridge the other two scenes together!
But I also noticed that they cut part of the scene when Snape is talking to Harry about slipping Veritaserum into his juice. The cut the part where Snape tells Harry that he knows they're brewing Polyjuice potion and he's gonna find out why. They had Snape slamming the door in Harry's face right after he says "boomslang skin? Lacewing flies?" It just seemed rather odd.


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