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Re: Why hasn't Voldemort had Aberforth Dumbledore killed?

Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
Could Voldemort not know about Aberforth exsistence? I'd say yes he would know right off the bat, since Snape overheard the prophocey why not tell Voldy about Dumbledore's brother being the one to catch him. Except for the fact that Albus could have made Snape promise not to reveal such information. Or Snape may not have put one and one together to connect the two together...
I'm feeling a bit thick but, I can't recall what part of the prophecy talks about Aberforth...

I too think that perhaps Aberforth is simply forgotten about by LV because A) His powers seem to be suspect and B) Perhaps LV's knowledge about Dumbledore's strained relationship with his brother/family causes him to not bother with it. I am sure he doesn't expect two brothers who don't particularly like one another to remain so close (in proximity) over the years.


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