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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

Originally Posted by RemusLupinFan View Post
I'd have to agree with Alora_Piere that Voldemort may try to take over Hogwarts, but even if he succeeds (which I'm not so sure he will), I don't think he'd use it as his lair. Though Hogwarts does have special significance for him, I tend to think Voldemort would choose somewhere more secretive for his base of operations (since if he takes over Hogwarts and uses it as his lair, everyone would know about it). I also believe there are anti-dark wizard spells put on Hogwarts as protection, so any attempt Voldemort might make to take over Hogwarts would prove difficult.
I have to say I agree with your view. And Dumbledore's still there at Hogwarts -- is it possible he foresaw that Voldemort would try to take over the school, and that his being buried on the grounds affords some type of disadvantage for Voldemort's being there (or an advantage to Harry)?

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