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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

, judging from previous Harry Potter books, (In particular Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince) I would say that there is a possibility that Voldemort could take over Hogwarts. I have a feeling that Harry will return to Hogwarts and the chances that the final battle will take place there aren't too unlikey either...
Although, however much we know that Voldemort like Hogwarts and would even more so like to take over, even he can't deny that taking over Hogwarts will be a difficult job. (Notice I didn't use the word love, because apparently, Voldemort doesn't "love ")
Now I do think that he will try, but, to the people saying that Hogwarts is now completely unprotected: Think again... Do we recall a part in the Harry Potter books, (in Order Of the Phoniex I think) where we learn that Sirus' father died, but before he did, he put all sorts of spells and enchantments (One of them being that the house is unplott-able on any map) on the house to protect it?
I think we do, but here's the interesting part: Sirus' Father died, but the house remained unplott-able, the house was still enchanted with all the spells and charms that had once long ago been placed upon it... Yes, Albus Dumbledore did ADD to the original protections, but a lot of it was placed by Sirus' dad. Therefore wouldn't it be right to say that although Dumbledore is now dead, the protection that he put upon Hogwarts will still work? Just because he died, does that neccessarily mean that the spells and his magic died with him?


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