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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

Originally Posted by RemusLupinFan View Post
I'd have to agree with Alora_Piere that Voldemort may try to take over Hogwarts, but even if he succeeds (which I'm not so sure he will), I don't think he'd use it as his lair. Though Hogwarts does have special significance for him, I tend to think Voldemort would choose somewhere more secretive for his base of operations (since if he takes over Hogwarts and uses it as his lair, everyone would know about it). I also believe there are anti-dark wizard spells put on Hogwarts as protection, so any attempt Voldemort might make to take over Hogwarts would prove difficult.
It doesn't seem that there are any anti-dark protective spells on Hogwarts, seeing as how Voldemort came in after he had already become dark, so did all the DEs last year, as well as Draco, if he is truly bad. I also believe there will be a significant amount of action at Hogwarts, possibly even school, because in a quote, the one in which JK tells us about the epilogue, she explains that it will detail their lives after they leave school. This could mean after they leave school after the final battle, but the US cover seems to indicate a final battle in some other place.

Originally Posted by OwlPatronus View Post
When Voldemort is sitting in Hogwarts commanding his army of death eaters and who knows what else, and noone has the power to dislodge him, everyone will know it's over. At some point I'm positive he'll try to take the school, towards the end of the book as his plans finally come to fruition.
This is intriguing, explaining how the final battle could be there, but I think he would meet resistance there, in the form of Harry, the rest of the trio and possibly the Order. The welcoming light coming out of the castle on the back of the UK Children version does appear to indicate that Hogwarts is safe for most of the book.

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