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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Hopes & Aspirations

Originally Posted by LupinTheGreat View Post
Well i haven't read the books, but according to what everyone else here says (and looking at the names of the chapters) I expect a huge battle of wizards/witches with the return of some old friends . The part of Molly and Bellatrix also sounds very interesting, does she threaten her? O.o
Much, much, more. It's one of the most epic moments in the series and I know Julie Walters' performance could make all the audiences cheer. I usually welcome any changes made to the films but I just hope that this part will be kept exactly as it is in the book. And also any other parts with McGonagall kicking Death Eaters' butts.

Originally Posted by ActingDude17 View Post
I'm really wondering what the last few shots will be exactly. Will we perhaps see Rose and Albus on the Hogwarts Express? Or will it follow the book exactly and be a closeup on Harry's upper body as he waves goodbye to his secondborn son?
My ideal film ending: we see Harry waving goodbye to his son (a shot of Albus waving from the train, similar to Harry at the end of the first film). Then we see a shot with the back of trio (and Ginny) standing together on the platform with golden sunlight. Then the we cut to the Hogwarts Express moving across the beautiful countryside. Then a shot of Albus looking outside the train window, smiling in excitement at something we can't see yet, then the camera sweeps away from the train, flies across the lake and reveals the castle (same angle as the boat scene in the first film), fully reconstructed after the war. Fade to black.

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