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Re: Connection b/w Harry, Ginny and Luna?

Originally Posted by Hinoema View Post
Close association with death, or near death, could be the common factor. Now, if that's right, Ron and Hermione should be able to hear voices as well, after Ron's near death experience...
Originally Posted by IgoRetla View Post
I know this is off topic, but I wonder if a great number of Hogwarts students might now be able to see Thestrals after seeing (and facing the ramifications of) Dumbledore's crumpled body.

After all, Harry didn't actually "see" Cedric die. He just heard the body hit. He was a bit busy writhing in pain at the time.

And Ron and Ginny did both see a Death Eater die in the Tower battle, when he was hit by the stray Avada Kedavra.
Errr...both of those incidents were at the end of book 6, the veil incident was at the end of book 5. So Ron being poisoned afterwards and Ron and Ginny seeing a death eater afterwards couldn't affect this incident, they're irrelevant.

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