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Re: Connection b/w Harry, Ginny and Luna?

Originally Posted by ASKhan_Moony View Post
In the death room, these three heard whispers from behind the veil. Now we know that Harry and Ginny have come in contact with Voldemort. But why could Luna hear them? Why not Ron and Hermione? Is there something more to this? Remember Luna is in Ravenclaw. RAVENCLAW WILL HAVE THEIR DAY...
I know, but what I am saying is that what if the connection was actually nothing to do with Voldemort. I'm sorry if I missed your point, but I thought you meant that the 'something more' could be a differrent idea.
Maybe Luna has encountered Voldemort, what if there was more to her mother's death, but she doesn;t know/understand it. She says that her mother die in a poitions accident, but maybe Voldemort could have wanted hrr out of the way for some reason, so fixed the ingredients to go wrong.
We don't know alot about Luna's family, just that her dad writes the Quibbler, so maybe there's more we're going to find out.

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