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Yah, i don't think Voldie knows...
But if Snape is a spy and he is using polyjuice potion to look like crouch well did LV suspect him because he wasn't there in the departement of mysteries?
I mean i would think that if the real Crouch was still alive he would've went, no?
And by the way we know from the GoF that Snape is a spy.
It was ritten when Harry was in the pensive when it was Karkaroff that was accused.


"I told you!" Ron hissed at Hermione as she stared down the article. "I told you not to annoy Rita Skeeter! She's made you out to be some sort of-scarlet woman!"
Hermione stopped looking atonished and snorted with laughter. "Scarlet woman?" she repeated, shaking with surpressed giggles as she looked around at Ron.
"It's what my mum calls them," Ron muttered, his ears going red.

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