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I think it's entirely possible that Snape could be using Polyjuice Potion to pose as Crouch; the fact that Crouch didn't show up in the Ministry of Magic doesn't necessarily have to be a giveaway for Voldemort. Snape (posing as Crouch) could have given him any number of excuses for why he wasn't there. But I doubt that's all that Snape is doing, because at the end of GoF Dumbledore says something like "You know what you need to do; are you prepared to do it?" He and Dumbledore must've had a discussion sometime in the past in which they decided what the game plan was for Snape should Voldemort ever return to power. I just wonder what it is!

I don't think there's any way that Snape could simply be a spy posing as a Death Eater anymore. As some have already said, Voldemort states that he believes Snape has left him forever in GoF. So it has to be something more than that. I have a strong feeling it involves Lucius Malfoy somehow, as I said in my above post (#10.) Maybe Snape, through Occlumency, has led Lucius to believe that he is a double agent. We know that Lucius shares things with him because in OoTP he tells Sirius that Lucius figured out that he came to the station with Harry disguised as Padfoot. Lucius has got to play a big role in all this, right?

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