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It is quite possible Lord Voldemort could very well come to 4 Privet Drive (or perhaps another death eater). Getting Harry to leave a bit early in the summer, But I also think there will be a change in Harry. He will want to stay at Privet drive as I finally believe that 2 of the Dursleys will be more accepting of Harry... Aunt Petunia definately has some skeletons in her closet, I think Harry will find out about them, and also find out exactly what is going on with her. I think of all people she may know very well that Mrs. Figg is a squib, and it is quite possible that she did at some point, have some sort of good relationship with some Wizards/Witches. Secondly, Dudley. I read the last book and it was apparent to me that Harry and Dudley were getting comfortable around eachother. Big D almost got the kiss by the Dementor, and Harry saved him. Mrs. Figg, and Mrs. Dursley both verified that. Anyways, I believe that Mr. Dursley will still have some resentment, but he'll tow the line because the rest of the family has swung a different way.

Furthermore, I don't think Harry will make ANY contact with anyone for most of the summer (until Mid-August). The mood he had by the end of the last book was that of a person who wanted to hide under a rock. The death of Sirius will make him act this way, I also think he will be reamed by Hermione if this is the case. Ron will be the middle piece again, where he is neither here nor there.
It should be an interesting summer, as he finally gets his OWL test scores. I'm betting he will do pretty well. He will get what he needs. Hermione will score the highest the school has seen in a long time, and Ron will do a tad worse than the other 2, but will still fare pretty well. The surprise will be that Neville does very well as well.

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