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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
I think Ancient could also mean powerful acts that may or may not have happened in the far past for which no reason or method was known. Since no one had any recollection of such acts, they may have concluded this was forgotten magic from the ancient past.
Well, Dumbeldore and Volemort both knew. It's just that before, said Acts of Protection might've involved spells other than the Killing Curse or no one really knew exactly what happened since the evil wizard killed by the reflected spell just died instead of surviving like Voldemort did.

I think an AK was like shooting someone with a gun with instantaneous effect. Just like it would be a wonder if someone could take a gunshot to the chest or head and still be unharmed and alive , I think Harry's life was a wonder because he survived an AK that until then could not be protected against.
Actually, we see later that you can evade and block the AK spell with physical objects. I think when they say it can't be blocked they mean by purely magical means it can't be blocked.

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