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All the students still weren’t allowed to go to the Hogsmeade, but Lily was almost sure that the Marauders sneaked out to the village; they had new stores of sugar quills, Bertie Bott’s Beans, shrieking books and many other crazy stuff.
“James must’ve used his Invisibility Cloak”, Angela said, unbelievingly, “Wasn’t he afraid of the Death Eaters? Dumbledore said that they are still in Hogsmeade...”
“If he really was there... and it looks like he really was because they won’t sell these things by post”, Lily answered, shaking her red head, “Then he’s unbelievably stupid, risking his life like this! I’ve heard that he’s an only child and his parents are Purebloods”, she sighed and asked Terra quietly: “How’re things with Sirius going?’
“We’ve been talking a lot lately”, Terra explained, glancing at Padfoot dreamily, “There was a lot more my talking than his, you see... You know what? He told me he had a mother he couldn’t stand and so his brother. He doesn’t want to come back to his house but he has to. His mum always invites lots of guests from “the noble Pureblood families”, she said, imitating a woman’s high-pitched voice. I understand him, all this **** about Purebloods... but his brother seems to believe in this”.
“No wonder, he’s a Slytherin”, said Angela, sounding condemnatory, “But I won’t say anything more as our best friend seems to like one certain Slytherin and is going to see him today”, she giggled.
“Oh I’m not sure if I like him or not”, Lily replied, blushing a little, “I just know a bit more about him than you both know... and I can’t say a word about it, you know that”, she said accusingly, looking at them.
“Were you talking about Slytherins?”, Sirius apparently overheard some parts of the conversation. “Oh, I hate this house. It supports the awful creatures like Bellatrix, Snivellus, Avery and more. They should be forbidden learning magic”
“Aha”, Lily said bitterly, “I can see it. Hagrid’ll stop loving Hippogriffs faster than they stop learning at Hogwarts. Or I should better say: if the Death Eaters torture people like this still, Mudbloods will be forbidden to learn magic because they’ll all be not existing species. I have to go now, see you soon”, and she went away.

Lily saw Snape on the corridor leading to the dungeons, he was standing with a group of boys. She passed him without a word and entered the empty classroom where something was smelling very pleasantly. Severus joined her about five minutes after and saw her sniffing the liquid in the cauldron with a satisfied smile on her face.
“Hi, Evans.”
“I’m sorry I’m late. I was explaining the boys something about the Dark Arts”.
“You’re good at it”, Lily replied, “I just hope you don’t do anything bad with the knowledge”.
“I guess I am”, Snape replied, his hair greasy as ever. “I wish I didn’t have to use it”.
What’s this?”, asked the girl, “I’ve never smelled anything that pleasant”.
“It’s the Love Potion, Evans”, Severus said, a blush on his face. “Somebody from the Slytherin asked me to brew it for him... I don’t know if it works, it was my first attempt – Evanesco!’, he pointed his wand at the potion and it disappeared. “I’m wondering how it smelled for you... It smells differently for everybody. Tell me three smells and I’ll tell you three in return”, he grinned and his face changed so much in this smile that it was almost unbelievable. “He looked as... a normal boy”, Lily thought, “Aren’t they exaggerating about his evilness?”
“Deal”, Lily smiled, “First... it smelled like my favourite cake mum bakes... ginger cake... Then, it smelled like the air during the hot day soon after the thunderstorm... Third...Well... It’s something like the smell of newly brewed potion, but I can’t tell you which one it is. Your turn”, she winked, her lips curled in a nice smile, her still curly hair shining slightly in the dim light, “So? I’m listening what a Slytherin can sniff out!”
Severus smiled too and answered: “The first one is the smell of old books. Not that strange, isn’t it? Then... my mother... like she used to smell when she was washing herself more often”, he said seriously, but Lily had to hide the faint smile on her face and then she reprimanded herself, “Finally... the smell of a dusted, dark, small room which hasn’t been visited by nobody for weeks. Enough”, he moved towards her fast and smiled lightly: “Do you want me to teach you the enchantment which can make you change your face?”
Lily looked at him, astonished and shouted: “Can you really do that? Where have you found this hex?”
“I’ve invented it myself”, Severus explained patiently, “But the looser as I seem to be... you won’t believe me”.
“You’re not a looser!!!”, Lily yelled furiously, “Don’t make them believe you are!”
“I always knew you know the truth”, Snape replied victoriously, “You have to move the wand this way, remember, not too rapidly... Are you ready? Can I hex you?’
Lily nodded and Severus shouted: “Capitem mutare!”, smiled, then turned her head towards the glass of the cupboards, “Look, but don’t be afraid, we can mend this”.
The girl felt nice at first, feeling Severus touched her, then became a bit afraid of what she’d see. She breathed in the cold dungeon air and said: “OK, I’ll take the risk, but if I’ll be looking like Filch, I’ll hex you too, I swear!’
Snape grinned and answered: “I haven’t developed a technique which would allow me to change people’s faces into well-known ones yet”, and glanced at Lily, who was apparently in shock, “I can conjure only the head you have now”.
Lily’s new face was a face of a black-haired woman, but she looked as if she was about fifty years old, she had wrinkles under her eyes and a loose skin under her chin. It was a really ugly face. She opened her mouth to ask him to change the face into her own, but suddenly the classroom door opened and James Potter came in.
“What are you doing there, Snivelly?”, he asked curiously.
“Always-wanting-to-know-what-I’m-doing-here-and-there Potter”, Snape replied maliciously.
“Who’s she?”, Potter asked, stunned, looking at the woman’s profile, “She isn’t from Hogwarts”.
“We’re practising advanced Transfiguration here, Potter... What do you want from here? To steal some ingredients – perhaps?”
“Witty Snivellus”, James replied, “Whatever I wanted to do here, it won’t be with you and me breathing in the same air in the same room”. James turned and left.

“Make me looking the same as I used toand my hair too by the way!”, Lily ordered angrily, “I hate you both behaving like this! Why do you hate yourselves so much?!”
“Maybe the same reason why you can’t stand Bellatrix?”, Snape answered deliberately, “I know you can’t. Some people get on your nerves so much that the feeling fills you to the bones. Permutationem!”, and Lily was looking like she used to. They remained silent for a moment.
“You know, I put your previous enchantment so that Frank wouldn’t listen to my conversation with Terra and Angie”, she said, “I’m sure this one can be useful in these dangerous times. Here you have a recipe for the Freckle Potion-“, she waved her wand towards the blackboard, “- You can make it well alone... Forgive me, I have to go, I’ve got to do the Dream Diary for Oracula”.
Snape jumped off the table and approached her: “You said we can meet after Christmas to talk a bit...”
Lily hesitated for a moment, then looked in his dark, shining eyes and...somehow felt she shouldn’t resist.
“Yes, I think so. I’ll send you an owl”, she replied quickly and couldn’t see his hand being held out, because she’d already left.

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