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Re: The X-Files (now including talk about the reboot (D&G incl.))

Originally Posted by marauderfan View Post
Spoiler: show
Omg I hadn't even considered that aspect of it. All I thought about that conversation was that it seemed kind of weird for them to be having it in the first place, considering that it didn't really take any of their history into account. Scully saying something like "Even if I could have another kid, I don't have anyone to have one with" was ridiculous, because a) she's literally snuggled in Mulder's arms, her life partner, and b) she's like 53? Why would she be thinking about this now and not maybe 10 years earlier? This is another thing that I think comes down to the team of male writers, and how they don't really know how to write a middle aged female character and what she would be thinking about at this point in her life with her history. Women don't think about babies 24/7, and even though she certainly did want children earlier in her life, I wouldn't think she'd spend the entire rest of her life feeling sad that she didn't.

But it didn't even occur to me that this was just clunky plot exposition so that CC could introduce another miracle baby. I just.... I really, REALLY hope not. But you're probably right

I really liked the first half! It felt like a good old fashioned X file! And... then it began to feel like there were too many writers in the kitchen and everything turned into a bit of a mess by the end :P Some things I can't figure out:

Spoiler: show
1. Why Jackson (aka William) created the Ghouli on the ship in the first place and sent his two girlfriends to meet it there? I just... what? What's the point? That's not really a prank, that's just mean. Like, why did he think this was a good idea in any way. Jackson is really messed up. Also this explanation turned what I thought was going to be a good ol fashioned scary monster x-file into nothing. The Ghouli wasn't even the point of the episode. *sigh*

2. So after 17 years of relative peace and quiet suddenly everyone is after William again? And they kill his parents? It just seems like a poorly set up plot device so that Mulder and Scully can adopt him back or something.
Spoiler: show
I know... it's something all right. I mean really? And he reduced them to FWB's to boot. Pathetic.

So unless things lead to them getting back together solidly some how (either like how they were before or by getting married), I just don't see how another baby would fit into that at all.

Exactly. Clunky is an understatement with it too. I thought of it even before finding out about the hotel's name either. Just from the dumb conversation. I really hope it's not the case, but going from what a Fox person said about ep 8 (that fans should listen close during it in regards to M and S -- para-phrasing here) and James Wong's comments about it.

Oh boy... I'm really thinking it's gonna be pregnancy. Gotta love 1013... good old captain obvious they are.

You’re also directing another episode later this season about the quest for youth. What can you preview about that?

Well, it’s a totally different feel. [Laughs] I’m really happy with it. I’ve been working on a show called American Horror Story, and to me, this is the closest to American Horror Story that The X-Files has ever [been]. It’s pretty creepy and weird. And there is some kind of icky thing. But at the same time, there is a very important and emotional thing that happens with Mulder and Scully. I’m really happy with it. I’m excited for people to see it.

1) Yea that was sick. I think that they were going off of the Slenderman murders... but it made him seem like a very nasty kid.

2) Could be. But yet CSM is involved. I think that he has them in part after him since William was hacking into the DoD.


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