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Re: The X-Files (now including talk about the reboot (D&G incl.))

Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
Spoiler: show
Ok, do you hate the episode or perhaps the likely fact that there will be no more x-files with Scully & Mulder? -- personally, I don't think there can be an x-files without Scully & Mulder and I wouldn't watch anything Carter might write without them. The way I see it, it's better we have 10 & 11 than just where the original series left us with nothing clearly answered.

Yes, Scully is pregnant. It could have gone either way, really, because the doctors that were complicit with the program constantly lied to her (in addition to abusing her), and/or they could have been mistaken but as they didn't care if any of the women lived or not they wouldn't have made an effort to find out.

I think practically anyone could have killed CSM, but perhaps this was the better outcome; for William who wants everyone to believe he's dead and be left alone; for CSM who deserves to have Mulder shoot him 5 times on principle alone, but also Mulder thought he killed William & shot whom he thought was Mulder; and it was satisfying as a viewer to have the look of surprise on CSM's face as he realized he'd lost the game in the end (earlier you could see a worried look on CSM's face as he reached for the cellphone left for him, not knowing if it would be there, he looked vulnerable for a change).

I think it was karma that Reyes got killed with a stray bullet, as she could have chosen to take out CSM before things got too far along. It was good that Skinner made the choice to go rogue at the end knowing odds were he'd be killed --- although I'm actually not sure that he was killed, he may just have been seriously injured and unconscious, it wasn't completely clear.

As far as William, what do you mean by "a you know what"? I think it's safe to say that he's part human (Scully's egg) and part alien. He seems to be similar in theory to a super soldier but completely organic, and he can clearly do things super soldiers could not. Also, he wanted everyone to believe he was dead, including Mulder and Scully, yet watches them when he thinks (knows?) they aren't looking in his direction -- I'd have to see it again, but I believe he's glad they're both alive and together.

I think it was interesting that Scully leaked the information on CSM's plot to the media in case they failed to stop him in the end. Ironically I think that was likely what made Skinner realize that the threat was real and imminent and forced his decision.

Spoiler: show
The former. Hands down. Hated how she had no reaction to talking to Mulder about their own first son. It made me very angry. Strongly disagree with you there. At least that ending had hope. This one was depressing to say the least.

As for William... I meant he's a swear word I can't say here. I hope that clears things up. I really hated him.

I'd hope... but going by what CC said, William is an anti-hero.

This interview that XFN had recently with Chris, goes into a bit more detail about William, the pregnancy, etc..

I'm living!

Gillian really didn't like the finale.

Hold onto your seats guys. Shots fired.

Facepalming Scully and all. She really didn't like it.

I respect her for doing so.

She's been entertaining and doing some great promotion. Heck she even leaked the pregnancy ahead of time!

And after that... she said her thoughts on it continuing.

And then on the final scene itself.

Resigned says a lot there. That she doesn't like it.

He managed to make it a joyless experience. He's a complete narcissistic jerk. And like Drumpf in the fact that he does not listen to reason.

Gillian tried to convince him of a better way for the 6 episodes to go in s10 and he just wouldn't budge from that damn formula that 1013 is so obsessed with.

Found something via Tumblr that says a lot:

A couple of years ago, I read an article where Gillian was reflecting on season 10. She said that she initially suggested Chris weave a single story through the six episodes they had to work with rather than try to do a mini season of stand-alone episodes. She suggested this based on her experience with The Fall and the fact that peopleís tv-watching habits have changed since 1993. But then, she said, Chris had convinced her that old school X-Files way was what people wanted so they decided to go ahead and do season 10 with four stand-alone episodes book-ended by The Struggles. The critics panned it and CC excused himself by saying that they just didnít have enough episodes to do a good season when, in reality, they probably could have done a really great 6-episode mini-series had he listened to Gillian and actually had the ability to tell a thorough story.

Based on that small little exchange, I theorized that CC treats Gillian as if she is still the same 24-year old girl who is clueless about how television works when in fact, no one affiliated with the show has their finger on the pulse of pop culture and X-Files fans in particular more than Gillian Anderson. In the last couple of years she has engaged with us more via social media and comic cons than anyone else andÖshe listens. She pays attention. But I also think that maybe up until this year, Gillian was willing to sit back and play that role of clueless 24-year old deferring to Chrisís wisdom becauseÖhey..donít we all sort of revert to our old roles when we get back around people who knew us way back when we were clueless kids? Itís hard to change that dynamic. Sometimes the only way to do it is to walk away and spend more time with people who will treat you like the grown-butt (not the original word) woman that you are.

Really, all Iím saying is this is probably exactly how it went down in Season 11 and once again, Gillian was right.

Sources: and emceecapitalc

Word. I can't even watch any of the episodes right now.

Granted I'll pick up s11 for the good ones, the BTS and the gag/blooper reel. But other than that, good bye and good riddance to that poop pie.

I'm honestly speechless as well at the fact that both David and Gillian didn't get that scene until the last minute. So they didn't have enough time to be able to do better performances. That said, I don't envy them. That scene made me cringe in terms of some things.

Once again I'm angry.

Screw him.

When did you tell David and Gillian how the season would end, and did they want to know?

There's a tremendous amount of trust between the actors and me, and so I withheld everything until the end. I let David read the script before I let Gillian, because I wanted her to not quite understand what was happening to Scully. I gave them both the script without the last four pages. I actually withheld those pages until just before we shot, so they didn't know where it was going. And I did that purposefully.

Wow! They are both pros, but even then how long did it take to then land those last four pages during the shoot?

You will appreciate that those scenes at the end of that pier were shot between two and five in the morning. We were all tired. They were all very cold, but I can tell you we were also very glad that the weather was great, the wind was calm, it wasn't raining. It could've rained on our parade literally.

Still dragging CC.

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