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Re: The deleted scenes we've never seen...

It's been a while since anything was posted here, but having read both scripts I can say there was actually a lot cut out of DHP1 and especially DHP2 (this is a very long post):


-Hermione talks with Mr. and Mrs. Granger
-Voldemort pokes fun of Lucius in Malfoy Manor
-In The Burrow, the Order discusses the possibility of there being a traitor
-Ginny confronts Harry about him not going to Hogwarts
-Lupin tells Harry that Tonks is pregnant at the wedding, and asks him to be godfather
-Harry dreams of Voldemort flying over mountains
-Lily's Letter at Grimauld Place
-Harry sees Percy at the Ministry, and Ron yells at him later when they are escaping
-Ron complains about walking everywhere because of the Locket
-Before they dance, Hermione tells Harry that they are listening to a Muggle station
-Hermione explains Dumbledore and Grindelwald in greater detail
-Harry, Ron, and Hermione talk about the possibility of knowing what each Deathly Hallow
is while at Lovegood's house, like in the book
-Alternate Ending cuts off when Scabior brigns the trio to Malfoy Mano


-Starts off with Malfoy Manor
-Bellatrix's interrogation with Griphook is seen in full instead of being heard
-After Dobby dies, Luna: "It's alright that it hurts. That reminds us how lucky we are to be alive."
-Hermione hates using Bellatrix's wand
-Hermione realizes she missed a spot on Ron so she points her wand at him outside Shell Cottage
-The Death Eaters corner Griphook at Gringotts
-The Death Eaters set the Dementors on the trio at Hogsmeade
-The Carrows torment the girl who screams later while they are all going to the Great Hall
-When the Order arrives, Percy sneaks in and stands behind Fred and George. They glance at him, then look at each other and shrug
-Ron and Herminoe enter Moaning Myrtle's bathroom
-Hermione says she hasn't been to the Chamber, and it's not what she expected
-Neville, Seamus, and Ginny talk after the bridge blows up, with the boys thinking it was exciting
-Draco, Goyle, and Blaise hold hands before they enter the Room
-Harry confirms to Ron that Voldemort feels the Horcrux destruction
-Voldemort tells Lucius to stop looking at Nagini
-Ron breaks down and screams when Voldemort sends his second message to Hogwarts
-Lily meets James on the Hogwarts Express (No dialogue, unfortunately)
-Snape complains about Harry to Dumbledore and Dumbledore tells him to watch out for Quirrell
-Harry passes Neville and Oliver bringing in Nigel's body
-Harry passes Ginny comforting a dying girl
-Yaxley is the one who reports to Voldemort in the forest and tells Hagrid to be quiet
-Harry and Dumbledore talk about the Hallows, his past, and the true explanation of the Master of Death in King's Cross
-The Sorting Hat talks to Neville, saying he put him in Gryffindor for a reason
-Voldemort to Nagini: "Behold, Nagini, our work is done."
-Voldemort tells Hogwarts that Harry never loved them and was trying to escape
-Ron yells to Draco that Harry saved his life
-Draco gives Harry his wand for the battle
-Voldemort and Harry's whole "Why do you live" scene, that ends in Voldemort trying to kill him, but the wand doesn't work and instead hurts him
-Bellatrix does not disintegrate
-Trelawney fights Death Eaters and tells Seamus: "There's more to me than incense and leaves, Mr. Finnegan!"
-Harry yells to Voldemort that the wand is useless to him right before they send their final spells
-Voldemort does not disintegrate
-More supporting characters get their final moments when Harry walks down the Great Hall
-On the Viaduct, Ron: "Not exactly leaving it like we found it."
-In the epilogue, Ginny tells the kids to give Professor Longbottom her best

In short, most of my problems with the last two movies are probably the Editor's fault, not Steve Kloves'.

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