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Re: Peter Pettigrew: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Chievrefueil View Post
What about him makes you feel sad, though? He never had anything really bad happen to him until he was killed by his silver hand.
I disagree. His life as Scabbers may have been his own choice, but it was one I believe Peter felt was forced on him by circumstances. Since he was the reasons Sirius was in Azkaban for the same time period, there is certainly an element of poetic justice there, but still that is no life for a human being.Likewise the cutting off of his hand for Voldemort was pretty horrific (if again, self-inflicted).

Finally, in Spinner's End he is described as 'hunchbacked', which he was not before. I am inclined to believe ill-treatment by Voldemort had soemthing to do with that.

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