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Re: Dolores Jane Umbridge: Character Analysis

4) How did Umbridge come across the horcrux locket? How come it didn't have the same impact on her when she was wearing it as it did on the trio? Did she realise what the locket really was?

In a way, the locket did affect her in the ways that it affected the trio. In OOTP, she really wasnt evil, she just saw harry as a threat to her boss and hero. We see that Harry has a hatred for her because of her reluctance to accept the truth. When we see her in DH, she acts with much more creulty, and acts in ways that Voldemort would applaud. She is punnishing muggle-borns for having "stolen" magic. If this were her true nature, wouldnt she have had a vendetta against other muggle-borns at the shool when she taught there?...i know that it can be argued that she only reflects the beliefs of her current leader, and therefore acts not on her own principiles, but on those of the current Minister of Magic.

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