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Re: Runaway

Chapter Five

It was his father who spoke first.

“You’re probably wondering why your mother and I wanted to speak to you, Sirius.” He said.

Of course Sirius had wondered, but he said nothing.

“We both felt that it was time to start discussing your future son. So--”

At this point Sirius’ mother sharply cut her husband off.

“Get to the point Orion!”

“I was just about to. You see Sirius, being a Black doesn’t just mean that you’re a pure-blood, it means that you may have other, duties to serve that non-pure-bloods don’t. One of these duties, is the responsibility to, take a further step in life, sooner than most other teenagers your age.”

Sirius had no idea what his father was talking about, but he didn’t like the sound of it all the same.

“Enough Orion, I’ll tell him.” Snapped his mother. She fixed her cold, icy glare upon him, which sent shivers down his spine.

“You are going to be married.”

There was a long pause. Sirius just stared, incomprehensively at his mother. It was as though the words that she had just uttered were battering against his brain, trying to enter. They must have found a weak point or something because then their meaning hit him, hard.

“M-married?” was all that he was able to stammer. When the words entered his brain, they must have sabotaged the rest of his nervous system, because he couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t think.

“Of course, we will have to wait until you become of age. Then you will be married and will start a new life, and I hope that you will not disgrace the noble name of Black in the process.”

This new attack of words entered Sirius’ brain with less resistance, and he was able to say, “To whom?”

The reply took a while to process.

“Harriet Blorsin.”

When looking back on that moment, Sirius often thought that that had been the last straw. The point when he cracked. At other times, he thought that it was what happened a few minutes later. Whatever the case, it was at that moment when he brain finally got sorted out, and he said angrily:

“Harriet Blorsin? But she’s a total idiot! The Giant Squid has more brain cells than her!”

The Blorsins had been friends of the Blacks for years, and whenever they got together, Sirius had been forced to endure their daughter, Harriet, who was so stupid that he was surprised that she wasn't a squib. His outburst had probably been the last straw for his mother too. Her eyes narrowed, and she ground her teeth as she responded:

“I don’t care if she’s dumber than a flobberworm! She comes from a good, pure-blood family, and you are going to marry her!”

“NO! You can’t force me to marry someone, especially not now! I’m not even out of school yet! I don’t want to marry her, and I WON’T marry her. You can’t make me! I hate it here! I hate you! AND I HATE BEING A BLACK!”

Sirius would always regret those words for the rest of his life. But they were true, and they had been said. And there was no taking them back.

At this point, Sirius’ mother was so angry, that her face resembled that of a Hungarian Horntail. She was livid, and Sirius knew that he was in huge trouble.

Before he knew what was happening, his mother had her wand out, and had shouted, “CRUCIO!”

Sirius fell to the ground in excruciating pain. It was so unbearable that he wanted to die, just to make it stop. And all the while his mother looked on, her face expressionless, as she tortured her eldest son.

“It hurts doesn’t it? You are a disgrace, you will always be a disgrace. You are no Black, and you are certainly no son of mine!”

Then she lifted the curse, and stormed out of the room, followed by her husband.

“Out of the way Regulus!” she snapped, for Regulus had of course been listening at the door the whole time. He immediately scurried off to another part of the house, to be as far away from his raging mother as possible.

Sirius just lay there, panting. Tears began to blur his vision. His mind was a mess, with all of the events and happenings of the day jumbling around his head. But one thought was clear, he couldn’t, wouldn’t stay in this hellhole any longer. It was at that moment, that Sirius made the most important decision of his life. He was going to run away.

Wow, that was an intense chapter! Let me know what you think!


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