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Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by NumberEight View Post
Another reason I stopped watching the show is because the characters aren't very bright. The only reason they aren't so is because their ignorance is used as a plot device to get them from one dire situation to another. I mean, going back to save someone who most likely would have killed them anyway if he wasn't restrained is very, very stupid.
That's par for the course anymore, thank George Romero for that. The moral behind most zombie movies is, you can't fight against even a common enemy if you fight amongst yourselves; most survivors wind up dying in zombie movies precisely because of infighting. The unit cohesion breaks apart, and people are then at risk. Actually though, while a valid observation, it would be nice to see something different and fresh for once. It kinda makes all zombie movies the same (outside of having zombies in them o' course)

Then gain, people always do stupid things in horror movies. They always go to investigate that sound alone, (when a smart person would run the other way) they always drop their weapon at an inopportune moment, (like Harry did at the end of CoS when he found Ginny) etc.. it's just too easy of a plot device.

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