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Bellatrix, the Traitor?

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Hi everybody!

Would Bellatrix betray Voldemort?Will she? In HBP, it seems to me that her sisters safety is very important to her.And with what happened to Draco, he's got a target on his back, and so dose his mom. Would Bellatrix risk her life to save them?In chapter to of HBP, she did very little to stop Narcissa going to Snape.Yes, she did warn her, and question Snape to make her sister see how untrust worthy he is, but other then that, she did nothing.She is a skilled witch, she could have hexed her sister and puta memory charm on her, but she didin't. She even helped made the UV. She did not have to.Dose that mean she cares for Draco?For her Sister? If Voldemort asked her to kill either one of them, would she?Keep in mind, she is a bit insane.

Dumbledore: Once again I must ask to much of you Harry.

Harry: What is it Sir?

Dumbledore: You must let Ginny tie your shoelaces.

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