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Re: Bellatrix, the Traitor?

Originally Posted by Tiana View Post
I think Bella is too devoted to voldemort and that he would probably be first before anyone else. Im pretty sure she cares for her sister and such but i bet if her sister was a "muggle lover" she wouldnt show much affection for her which basically says that she cant possibly care for her that much.
which makes me think.... would she put voldemort in front of her husband??
Yeah, I'm sure Bella didn't care for Andromeda a bit after Andromeda married Ted Tonks, so I'm sure it'd be the same if Narcissa hadn't married Lucius. Bella certainly didn't mind hurting her own niece (poor Tonks) at the Department of Mysteries... As for dear hubby Rodolphus, I think Bella favors Voldemort over him. She'd gladly give her kids to Voldemort so that they could serve him, so I don't think she feels very much concern for her husband.

I highly doubt that Bella would be a traitor to Voldemort. I think he's the last person she'd betray. She's so extremely devoted to him. I mean, just look at how fired up she got from Harry saying Voldemort's name. And even though she kind of went behind his back and helped Cissy and Snape with their Unbreakable Vow, it was something that would (and did) help Voldemort, I think.

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