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Re: Bellatrix, the Traitor?

Bellatrix is a dangerous Woman. Especially for Severus Snape. She HATES him because he is where she USED to be. She USED to be Voldemort's Pet or Right-hand Lady. She probably was the first in line to hear the latest gossip, tricks, etc. Then this nerdy looking, akward figity teenager fresh from High School joined the ranks and messed everything up. I believe we will learn she was kicked out of the Pack by an Alfa Male. Now someone else is being fed the "Insider Information". I also believe Snape knows about the Horcruxes and may have held that over her head. This may even be something which she doesn't know about.
As for Voldemort, no, I don't think she'd turn against him, but any other Death Eater, including Narcissa is fair game. She wants to be on top and will go to any means to undermine another.
I don't think Bella loves her Sister. She certainly didn't show any Sisterly love for her in "Spinners' End". The way I read it was Bella thought Narcissa was a big screw up. She thought she was coddling Draco when she should have pushed him into the deep end of a pool and said "Swim Draco". Afterall, she'd be happy to hand over her own CHILD to the Dark Lord. Basically anyone who pulls the reigns in and says "enough is enough" like Narcissa did is WEAK.
So, yes, I think Bellatrix WILL be a Traitor in an attempt to get back in Voldemort's good grace.


I TRUST Severus Snape!!!!
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